Akifumi OKUNO giving a speech on “About Us at the Turning Point”

P5 Session #01のトピックは、”About Us at the Turning Point”(岐路に立つ私たち)です。入学と卒業の中間地点に立つスポ健3回生の学生たちが、自分たちの「これまで」と「これから」を英語で語ります。

Akifumi OKUNO 君(スポーツ健康科学部3回生)によるスピーチです。


Good Evening everyone. My name is Akifumi Okuno. I belong to Sport and Health Science faculty and I am a third year student at Ritsumeikan University.

Now I spend important time. I'm not only student but also a member of society. I will speak my school life, my vision, my future.

I made SPOCHA+, this is a circle, with friends. We did many activities, soccer, basketball, snowboarding activities. For example, we organized public viewing of Soccer World Cup at Ritsumeikan University by ourselves.

I learned action is very important. We are young. This is very advantage point. I think youth is our energy. We should challenge a lot of things during school life. Don't be afraid of failure, so I speak here now. We should challenge a lot of things. "Don't be afraid of failure," is very important.

We make a lot of mistakes. But I think making mistakes is not bad things. We should challenge, challenge, challenge. So I say that again. Don't be afraid of failure.

Next, I learned continuation is very important. It is easy to say, "I will do," "I want to do," "I study English everyday." Actually, I said to study English every day but I can't continue to study English everyday. It is my weak point and my challenge to overcome.

Next, I will speak my vision and future. I major in sports science course in Shiozawa seminar. I study body movements, functional anatomy, biomechanics. These are very interesting for me. And I want to study more and I will enter graduate school.

My dream is to development shoes and I want to use this knowledge for my future and I want to work with pro sports athletes and I want pro sports athletes to wear shoes developed me. This dream is, I think, is from junior high school.

There are a lot of people who like sports in this faculty. This faculty is very good, I think. I talk about sports and future with my friends. This is very nice. We can develop through friendly competition. Friendly competition is very good. And we don't have senior students but we have junior students in this faculty and I am third year student. There are a lot of things which I can learn from junior students.

Last, I want you to remember one word. There is no finish line. Thank you.