Bumpei MORI giving a speech on “Being a College Student: Myths and Facts”

P5 Session #02のトピックは、”Being a College Student: Myths and Facts”(大学生であることの理想と現実)です。スポ健2回生の学生たちが、入学前に考えていた大学生の姿と、実際の大学生である自分たちの姿を英語で語ります。

Bumpei MORI 君(スポーツ健康科学部2回生)によるスピーチです。


Hello, I’m Bumpei Mori.  Today, I’m very happy because I’m here P5 #2 session and making presentation.  I really want to thank Mr. Kimura, Mr. Yamamoto and my senior students. Today, I’d like to talk about ideals that I thought before enter this university and facts at present.  Let’s start.

When I was a high school student, I wanted to go university early at that time.  I imagined that we have free time a lot and adults around me said college life is like a summer vacation of your life.  When I was a student preparing for an college entrance examination, even if my teacher in my high school said to me college life is summer vacation of your life, so work hard now examination study for university.  That’s why; I thought we have free time a lot, which we can use.  Only one thing that I understood was university is not there for fun because college is a place that I give over my precious 4 years of my youth.

In fact, I hadn’t known what college life is until I entered this university.  Suddenly, I was released from a set time, high school’s timetable.  Indeed, there was free time a lot.  However, I didn’t know what I should do.  College life was different from time I had ever been living.

Anyway, I thought I had to start with something.  Then, I started to work in Ritsumeikan Rugby football team as a student trainer.  And then, I have been interested in rehabilitation and prevention on athletic training.  This year, I got the idea that I want to combine my study and business.

In last year, I repeated studying, club activity and playing.  Among then, I found one thing.  It is importance to set a limitation on your aim, by when.  You set a goal, I want to achieve this! I want to do this! but important thing is by when?  When you finish it?  If not do this, time passes immediately.  In the college life, you think various things, which you want to do, for example, found a student group, promote a project, studying, and playing, because there is free time a lot.  If you decided to achieve one thing once, along with that, you should decide when you finish it. It is in case, Short-term aim or long-term aim.  Many people often say like this, I can’t do anything unless I am pushed by time!  If this is true, I think you just have to make that situation by yourself.  By doing this, you can do anything.

From my finds, I set one long-term goal.  It is appearing on the TV program, Jyonetsu-Tairiku by 40 years old.  I don’t know that TV program continues until then, but I certainly achieve this.  I would like for everyone to set by when.  Thank you for listening!