Daisuke MATSUOKA giving a speech on “The Reason We Are Here”

P5 Session #04のトピックは、”The Reason We Are Here”(私たちがここにいる理由)です。

Daisuke MATSUOKA 君(経済学部1回生)によるスピーチです。彼がBKCにいる理由、それは「ビジネスを通じて世界を変えるため」。15歳のころカンボジアを訪れた彼が経験したショッキングな出来事とは?そして、彼が考える「ビジネスが持つパワー」とは?


Hello, everyone. It’s pleasure to welcome you today. Let me just start by introducing myself. My name is Daisuke Matsuoka. I’m international economics department. OK. Today’s topic is “The reason we are here.” This is outline. Let’s get started.

I am here now to change the world. When I say, “Change the world,” can you guess this words? Politically change, a revolution or something? I mean I will change the poor world by the power of business, based on what I’m learning now. And to make my dream come true, I’m starting up a new student organization.

Why do I have this kind of idea? I went to Cambodia on a study tour in the first year of high school and I was shocked. There, I met many children, who begged me for money. I was shocked at the fact that there were poor children in the world who begged for help of a 15-year-old high-school boy, me! After I returned to Japan, I thought about the reason that world exist and how to solve that problem. I read many books, went to various place, met a lot of people and thought.

As a result of these activities, I thought the way of reducing poverty by business power. Because business is the only way, it’s trade. There are various volunteers and supports. However, they create give and take relationship. It’s one-sided. When I say “ I will change the poor countries, improve poor people life.” I often seem to have the volunteer mind. However, I never think it, I don’t have the respectful mind. I want to think about each other’s benefits. As a result of the activity, poverty will be reducing.

However, I know it is by far difficult. Therefore, I think I need two powers, one is the knowledge about development study and the other is how to start up business. So, department of international economics of Ritsumeikan have development poor economics class and entrepreneur class. Rits was fascinated me. Therefore I learn these two courses. After graduated, I work in poor country and want to know the situation.

Finally, I told change the world by business. Therefore, in the future, I pursue big dream. For the first step, I will start small project. The project will start in 2013. Fortunately and I get a scholarship of “plus R”. I’ll start up student organization. This organization will do 3 things, making products for reducing poverty, writes business plan, improves member’s skills. I will do the project, it’s a first step of world poverty reducing. Let me repeat the key word “Change the world” Thank you for listening.