Haruka KASAHARA giving a speech on “Being a College Student: Myths and Facts”

P5 Session #02のトピックは、”Being a College Student: Myths and Facts”(大学生であることの理想と現実)です。スポ健2回生の学生たちが、入学前に考えていた大学生の姿と、実際の大学生である自分たちの姿を英語で語ります。

Haruka KASAHARA さん(スポーツ健康科学部2回生)によるスピーチです。


Good evening, everyone. I’m Haruka Kasahara. I’m a second year at Sport & Health Science of Ritumeikan Univ. Today, I’d like to tell you about my myths and facts about college students.

In fact, after I graduated from high school, I studied for a year at a prep school, because I failed exams and I couldn’t go to college. I had no choice but to study for a year. It was only pain. Though my friends enjoyed college life, I had nothing to enjoy. Only those who experienced can understand it. But I had a school I hope to go strongly. I studied really hard to pass the exam. In the end, I failed in the exam of the college. I really wanted to go so I didn’t want to go this college.

My friends consoled me. “You worked hard.” “I respect you.” But I didn’t want such words. Only I wanted an acceptance letter.

When I entered this college, I had an inferiority complex. That year wasn’t rewarded. It’s just a long way. I thought every day “This isn’t a way I should go.” There was nothing productive. I didn’t accept facts. My hoping was so strong. It’s persisted to the college.

Now, after one and a half years, it’s true that I have a little inferiority complex, but it’s no use regretting the past. I think if I passed the exam, I couldn’t have these experiences. That’s to say, I have them that I could have failed. For instance, mates are. I made many mates in this college. They have strong personality each other. Especially, their power of action prompted me. They took action one after another and work hard to achieve their each goal. I hadn’t challenge since I failed the exam because I feared to fail. There, I tried to take action because I felt I was left behind. I started to volunteer work. I teach softball for elementary school students in the softball team and belong to ORITER which support with 1st grade students in this college. Also, this P5 is too. To do new approach need courage and I have much mistakes, but it makes me grow up. If only thinking in my head, cannot change anything. It’s important to take action.

I had lots of mistakes. But, if there is no mistake, there is no myself and present environment. Although mistake makes me depressed, it’s a chance to change. Learning from mistakes, you can change and grow up. So you should think mistake is not despair but desire. From now on, I’ll make lots of mistakes but I become better than before.

Thanks for listening.