Kaori TAKAGAKI giving a speech on “About Us at the Turning Point”

P5 Session #01のトピックは、”About Us at the Turning Point”(岐路に立つ私たち)です。入学と卒業の中間地点に立つスポ健3回生の学生たちが、自分たちの「これまで」と「これから」を英語で語ります。

Kaori TAKAGAKI さん(スポーツ健康科学部3回生)によるスピーチです。


Hello! Everyone! I'm Kaori Takagaki the third grade student at sports health and science of Ritsumeikan University. It is time when we have to think about my future. Then I would like to talk about "About Us at the Turning Point."

First, let me tell you about myself. If I describe myself for flower, I would be a sun flower. Sun flower is famous for summer flower. I was born in the middle of summer too, so I love summer. Then Sun flower has very bright yellow color, and it come out toward the sun light. Similarly my personality is cheerful and I like to do things actively. I always want to challenge many things.

Second I will tell you the reason why I entered sports health and science of Ritsumeikan University. I love sports since I was child. When I was in junior high school, I joined track and field club, and high school, I played lacrosse. On the other hand, I watched different sports games like a soccer, baseball, rugby and American football. I like both playing and watching sports. Through the experience, I found out wonderful value of sports, and want to study about it.

Since I entered to this school, I studied about sports. Above all it was the most important experience that I belonged to American football team, it is Panthers. I joined it for a year as an analyzing staff. Then last summer, I went to internship at Tokyo for 2weeks. The company name is NFL JAPAN. It is Japan office of NFL. NFL is American football league in the United States. Through these experiences, I found out the American football and American sports business. For that reason, I'm interested in American sports business.

Finally I would like to tell you about my future. Now I’m studying American sports business under Mr Taneda. Then I have a plan to go to the United States. I'll go there this summer for a half of year. I would like to learn about American culture and English. When I’ll come back here, I would like to take a job which concerning with sports. My wish is that many Japanese love sport, and will get well both physically and mentally. I would like to expand sports the way of sports event or advertisement. For the goal, I will continue doing my best everyday.
I’ve come to the end of the presentation, so thanks very much for listening today.