Katsuya INAGAKI giving a speech on "About Us at the Turning Point"

P5 Session #01のトピックは、”About Us at the Turning Point”(岐路に立つ私たち)です。入学と卒業の中間地点に立つスポ健3回生の学生たちが、自分たちの「これまで」と「これから」を英語で語ります。

Katsuya INAGAKI 君(スポーツ健康科学部3回生)によるスピーチです。


Hello everyone. I’m Katsuya Inagaki and a third year student at Ritsumeikan University. I’m in the sport health and science. Today, I would like to talk along this timeline. Now, I’m at the turning point of university life. So I’d like to talk mainly about the process of making my aim for my future.

About 2 years ago from now, I entered this university by the recommendation system from Ritsumeikan high school. Most Ritsumeikan high school students go on to Ritsumeikan university. I’m also one of them. As I got into this university, most students who are around me had a various purposes for their future. Then I didn’t have a specific purpose. I thought that I must have a specific purpose and I should think about how to toward the purpose. I had more reflected on myself than before.

After that, I gradually realized that I want to know and learn about American sport business also sport business. One day, I received a lecture from Hikaru Machida, Representative Director of NFL Japan. He said that modern Japan is solitary society. Sport is a device to connect people to people. So, sport is needed at modern Japan. I thought it’s absolutely right! Sport can generate a sensation, excitement and sense of unity.

Everyone should think about soccer world cup or Nadeshiko Japan. The whole country was exiting without likes and dislikes of the sports then. The sense of unity is necessary for modern Japan that became less connected with others. Unfortunately, Japanese sport business is still that it shows the sport to the sport’s fans.

On the other hand, American sport business doesn’t conduct as Japanese sport business. Sport already becomes a part of American’s life. Japan is later than America in sport business. So, American sport business has a lot of things to learn for Japanese sport business. For these reasons, I thought that I strongly want to learn about American sport business mainly.

Now, I’ m studying related sport business every day. I’m also studying English to get the score and speak English practically. Eventually I want to go to a graduate school in America. And I will get the more specialist knowledge and skills of sports business throughout practical learning in America. In the future, I want to contribute to the development of Japanese sport.

In this way, I had the aim. Consequently, it makes a big difference between my former self and my present self! Now, In order to achieve my aim, I keep on walking toward it. Thank you for your attention.