Kazuko SHIMOKAWA giving a speech on “The Reason We Are Here”

P5 Session #04のトピックは、”The Reason We Are Here”(私たちがここにいる理由)です。

Kazuko SHIMOKAWA さん(経営学部2回生)によるスピーチです。生命科学を学びたかった彼女は経営学部に進路変更。新たなゴールとは?


Hi, thank you for coming today. I'm so nervous after Ota-san's so good speech.

Today I will talk about the reason why I am here. This is my outline.

Do you know the picture book of "If the World Were a Village of 100 PhDs"? I took a year to enter the university. That means I have the examination year 2 years. Second December, I couldn’t get the score to enter (the college of) life science. Then I met this book.

Do you know this picture? This picture is "The World Were a Village of 100 People." According to that picture book, people studied so hard to enter the university or graduated. 20 of 100 will be post-doctoral fellow, who contract with some term. For example. Just 1 year, 5 years like that. It's not stable job. 16 people will be no job. And each 8 people would be died or be missing, be lost. It is so shocked to me. Can I make the result in scientific world? can I do my best in this world? I made the answer, “No.” I will not survive. And I made the other goal.

I decided to study business administration. When I choose the university, which have the high priority of entrepreneur. My new goal is making employment of researchers. I respect researchers because they have studied so long time and invested much money.  However, Japanese society doesn't give the good environment for them job. So I want to change this environment.

When people started to study in graduated school, their professional is narrow. And that makes the discordance between supply and demand on their job hunting. That’s called Galapagos syndrome. Galapagos syndrome is the term that describes the phenomenon of a society or a product evolving in isolation from globalization.

However, is this true cause of their not get good environment to work. I don’t think so.

In this year, Japanese have so famous a researcher, do you know? Yes, Mr. Yamanaka. Mr.Yamanaka got the Nobel prize. To find the iPS cells. iPS cell is so amazing thing. However, this research result isn’t found not only him also many people. However, Japan doesn’t have the good employment of job. I think that’s so big problem. The researchers have hypothesis and they try to prove the right or not by experiments. That means, “No one knows which hypothesis is right or not. That’s because we have to invest them.”

I think, research has many possibilities. So I think some of participants don’t have good impression to researching. But give me your attention please, most of researchers’ result is not good, just only not found how to cultivate to our society. I gave up to researcher. However, I try to make how to cultivate that tec. To our society and change the environment. by connected business and research. That’s the reason why I am here.

Thank you for listening, everyone and thank you for your time.