Session 1: Keynote by Syuhei KIMURA

2012年6月8日(金)に開かれた記念すべき「P5」の 1st Session ということで、担当教員である私(木村修平)より本自主ゼミの簡単な解説プレゼンを行いました(カメラの調子が悪かったのか、実際よりもやや太めに映ってしまいました)。


Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to this highly experimental session. My name is Syuhei Kimura, a lecturer of Ritsumeikan University, teaching English mainly at the college of Sport and Health Science, which is called Supoken for short.

The idea of this seminar, which we tentatively call P5, was first proposed by a couple of junior students in Supoken. After the two-year requisite, project-based English courses, P1 to P4,  some of them looked for more opportunities where they could voice their ideas in English.

So, I offered to supervise their presentation workshop, in exchange for their agreement that all the presentations would be recorded and made public on the web, which is ultimately gonna be a part of my research.

And we have five presenters here. And tonight is the first session of P5. Five presenters will give the talks based on the same topic. Here, based on this topic: "About Us at the Turning Point."

I really hope you will enjoy their talks in the first half of the session and in the second half of the session, please give them feedback on the ways they present their ideas.

OK, that's it. Let P5 begin now.


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