Mai HAYAKAWA giving a speech on “Memorable Summer Experience in 2012”

P5 Session #03のトピックは、”Memorable Summer Experience in 2012”(忘れられない2012年夏の思い出)です。スポ健1回生の学生たちが、夏休みに経験したことを英語で語ります。

Mai HAYAKAWA さん(スポーツ健康科学部1回生)によるスピーチです。


Good evening everyone, my name is Mai Hayakawa, nice to meet you. This is the first time for me to attend this class. Mr.Kimura, thank you for giving me this chance. How did you spend your summer vacation? Did you enjoy?

There were about 2 months summer vacation in this university. For example, I moved to Minakusa, worked as a stuff of Open Campus, took a class of first-aid and worked as the RAM in the rugby team. RAM means "Ritsumeikan Athletic Medicine" This is the team of the student sports trainers, and I am a member of this team. Everything was special experience for me!

My vacation can be expressed by a ward "Many a little makes a mackle" Do you know this proverb?-No- Oh, I want to explain it.

What is this!? Oh! It is dust. What do you see this? Yes, this is Big Mountain! That is if we do small experience, it will be bid experience. Did you understand?

I will focus on the activity of the RAM. I worked as a RAM in the Ritsumeikan Rugby Football club. I worked as the trainer with the trainers of this club. As the trainer, there are some jobs such as the treatment, care, rehabilitations and preparation the water for the Athlete. It is very hard work.

I thought it was not fun because of that I just did the same tasks everyday over and over. However, one day, I found the things. There were something that I could learn, even if it is a small. For example, it is OK to remember the one player’s name in a day.  If I do this every day, it will be big. So I think I could grow in this summer.

However, there are many things that I wanted to do. For example, I wanted to play volleyball, go abroad, make friends around the world and study English more and so on.

But, this year, I was very busy. So I could not do it. Next year, I want to do these, and I am looking forward to doing these things.

Thank you for listening.