Session 2: Keynote by Syuhei KIMURA

2012年7月6日(金)に開かれた Session 2 での、担当教員である私(木村修平)による簡単な開会の辞です。カメラの調子が Session 1 よりも悪くなったようで、必要以上に太めに映ってしまいました。修理に出す必要がありそうです。


OK. Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the second session of P5, the English presentation workshop.

To begin with, I'd like you to know how grateful I am to all the feedback I've got for the second [should be 'first'] session last month. Lots of my friends, my students, and English teachers told me both online and in person their thoughts on this experimental attempt, most of which were very positive and very encouraging. Thank you so much.

Tonight, we have... How many? Six? We have six speakers tonight. They're gonna talk about their thoughts on this topic. OK, this one. The topic of the session two is "Being a College Student: Myths and Facts."

Now that all the speakers are in their sophomore year at the College of Sport and Health Science, or Supoken for short and now that they finished their first year at the department and, ah, now they are sophomore students.

So, I believe that after the first year at Ritsumeikan University Supoken, they get to realize what it is like being a college student and to have a variety of ideas and feelings about it. For example, how do they see themselves as college students?  And, ah, are their lives going the same way as they expected before entering college? Or, do they have any suggestions to their junior students or high schoolers who will come to Ritsumeikan University next year? So, let's find them out.

Again, thank you for coming and joining the part of this session. Let's enjoy their talks and join the discussion later on. OK, let P5 start.