Session 3: Keynote by Syuhei KIMURA

2012年9月28日(金)に開かれた Session 3 での、担当教員である私(木村修平)による簡単な開会の辞です。この日は、少しでもカメラ映りが良くなるよう撮影直前にジムで5kmジョギングを行いましたが、あまり効果はないようです。


Welcome to the... welcome to the third session of P5. I'm really glad we can start a new fall semester with a new session of P5. I'm really glad you participated in this experimental seminar... workshop.

Well, as you might know, P5 was first proposed by the junior students of Supoken, the College of Sport and Health Science at Ritsumeikan University. In the last spring semester, we had two sessions, where five junior students of Supoken and 6 sophomore students of Supoken made great presentations in English.

Tonight, in this P3 [should be P5] Session 3, we have... How many?... six speakers. Three of them are freshman students... very brave freshman students of Supoken, and the other three are the students who were the students of the English discussion class, which was held in the last spring semester. I really thank Mr. Usami, Usami sensei, for informing them of this opportunity to participate.

Well, tonight's topic is memorial experience, memorable experience in the summer 2012. So, in this session 3, they are gonna talk about their experiences, they're gonna share the ideas, experiences with us, what they learned, felt, and found in the summer.

So, in the first half of the session, we will enjoy their talks and, in the second half of the session, please join the discussion upon... on the way they presented their ideas in English. That's OK, we can do that in Japanese.

All right, that's enough. Let's start P5.