Session 4: Keynote by Koki OTA

2012年12月21日(金)に開かれた Session 4 “BKC Talks” での、ゼミリーダーの Koki OTA 君(スポーツ健康科学部3回生)による開会の辞です。



Good evening. I'm Koki Ota, a junior student of the College of Sport and Health Science, and I’m the president of this seminar. To kick off tonight’s session, let me tell you a bit about myself.

In the end of the sophomore year, I think I had a strange delusion. I think I may have believed, unconsciously, that I was kind of a brilliant student. Why? Because I accomplished my goal score at that time on the TOEIC test, which was 950. I felt like a super hero for a few days, and that delusion prevented me from learning more.

What awakened me from the dream was the word one professor gave to me. “Only your action speaks the truth.” Not the TOEIC score. People don’t really care what I say, but people do care what I do. So, what is my “action”? The answer is this seminar, P5, the English Presentation Workshop.

In the last May, one of my friends and I proposed the first idea of holding a workshop of English presentation. After we finished the 2-year project-based English courses, P1 to P4, we were looking for more opportunities where we can voice our ideas and put what we’ve learned into action. That’s how we started P5, and tonight is the fourth session.

Tonight’s session was supposed to feature seven speakers, but unfortunately a student from Science & Engineering is absent from today for being sick. Anyway, each of them belongs to a different college on BKC, so P5 offers a new powerful idea created by the students who have different academic backgrounds. But they have two things in common. The first one is that they all know the importance and fun of learning English. The more you learn English, the more thrilling your world gets. And the second one is that we all belong to the same community of Ritsumeikan University. We can learn from and inspire each other whatever college we belong to.

Because all of our knowledge is connected, and I really believe that this combination will make a difference. I’m incredibly excited about that.

I hope tonight’s P5 is going to play a big part for all of us in bringing you forward to the next stage, to whatever’s next. Thank you very much and please enjoy their talks.