Takamasa ISHIKAWA giving a speech on “The Reason We Are Here”

P5 Session #04のトピックは、”The Reason We Are Here”(私たちがここにいる理由)です。

Takamasa ISHIKAWA 君(情報理工学部3回生)によるスピーチです。全国でも最大規模の学生ボランティアネットワークに所属する彼は年間100本以上の会議に出席しています。会議を有益なものにするためにはどうすればいいのか?そのことが、彼の研究、すなわち人と人とのネットワーク解析に繋がっています。そして彼自身が立命館大学で築いたネットワークとは?


The reason I am here is to create connections with people I haven’t met yet.

Now, I’m studying how to build up the space where people communicate at the College of Information Science and Engineering.

Analysing “Human Communication” shows us how we should make the environment for people to communicate well and how we can improve the quality of meeting.

I belong to IVUSA, the biggest volunteer group for students in Japan. Mainly I take part in the support activity of hazard in West Japan, and I do various thing there.

Last August, I went to Kyushu for the flood hazard support activity. Among many difficulties, the hardest were the meetings! I hold more than 100 meetings in a year and through these meetings I came to realize that there is something I can do to improve their quality and efficiency.

In the winter when I was 2nd grade, we had a meeting to discuss next year’s management. In this meeting, 4 colleagues of mine were present, all of whom were very passionate to volunteer-activity in each different direction. Everyone had own interesting agenda in social problems, so we shared them, and discuss to make a plan of next year’s  activity.

However, as the meeting was going on, gradually, the atmosphere was getting bad. None of us wouldn’t try to make it mild, we just insisted own idea and came close to the crash of our branch group. Even after more than 10 times of the same kind of the meetings, we couldn’t reach the conclusion after all.

It was when I realized that nothing is more wasteful than meeting with no progress and I thought there is something I can do to solve it.

Everyone has own passion and own idea. But,for example, at the ordinal meeting with over 50 people, if you are told to suggest your idea, can you raise your hand?

Even at a meeting with a fewer people, you may feel difficulty if  your boss is there.

To make meetings efficient and beneficial, it is not enough to prepare many materials and data. We need to build up a good environment for communication.

Now I’m studying how we can share minds and how more creative ideas can be produced in a meeting with limited time and resources.

In the situation mixed with various persons, I found it too difficult to full share each others’ opinions. And it is harder for all of them to take part in the conclusion positively. This makes me more eager to my study. If I were not here, Ritsumeikan, I must not have met people who I have met.

There is a large network I have made for 3 years through study and volunteer. This network must be my biggest strong-point and fortune.

Everyone has own possibility and own passion. We can solve any problem by using these network. I will create the society where people exchange each own idea by improving the environment for communication.

At the last, I can say I owe what I am today to the network with many people. So, I will create more network with more people.

Thank you for listening.