Yo HIRAOKA giving a speech on “Being a College Student: Myths and Facts”

P5 Session #02のトピックは、”Being a College Student: Myths and Facts”(大学生であることの理想と現実)です。スポ健2回生の学生たちが、入学前に考えていた大学生の姿と、実際の大学生である自分たちの姿を英語で語ります。

Yo HIRAOKA 君(スポーツ健康科学部2回生)によるスピーチです。


Good evening everyone! My name is Yoh Hiraoka. I belong to collage of sports health science and now I’m 2nd year student. I play rugby in university club. I’m so glad to have such a nice chance like this time, so thank you so much Mr. Kimura.<br /><br />Now I get start my speech. This time, I would like to talk about Myths and Facts in my collage life. Myths and Facts… I think that this is the problem which we have forever.

At first, let’s turn around my life before enter to collage. When I was high school student, I had nothing without rugby football. Then I was kind of lazy student. All of my friends were studying hard for examination to enter to university, but then I was only playing rugby football. I was just thinking that I would like to study about something related sports, but I had no clear idea. At July of 2010, I knew that I can have examination of sports admission on the recommendation system so I decided to enter to this collage.

I got an acceptance letter in October. Then I was dreaming my awesome future campus life...have a lot of friends, get beautiful girl friends (laugh)…Joking aside, I wanted to have collage life like I saw on TV.<br /><br />After a while, I finally entered to collage.<br /><br />Before enter to collage, people around me told me “Collage is fun, collage is like 4 year’s vacation. I envy you that you can have collage life”

Actually, my collage life is not so easy, but really hard. I have class, assignment, and rugby training every day. I was trying to get used to my new life desperately. The new environment made me so tired. I could get used to my new collage life little by little, but I couldn’t find what I want to do yet. Then I feel my collage life little bit bored.

Fortunately, I could meet various friends who charging through to dream. I got a lot of stimulant from my friends. My friends are working hard every day with all their strength. I realized that I should live strong like them, with receiving the Fact.  Since I could think it, my collage life became so exciting.

How many of you are spending perfect life that you wish? Life is not always working well. Sometime we come up against difficulty. Lots of problem will appear in front of us. Then, important thing is what we can do for the difficulty. There is only one life and we have to live it. And I want to enjoy my life as far as I can. From now on, I will create my great future with all my strength. Thanks for listening my presentation.